Video Photo Tip ~ Sharp Shooting Part 4 of 5

Alright, you’re in a situation where you don’t have a tripod, you’ve contorted your body into a tripod, you’ve mastered the delicate depression, but you’re still getting images that aren’t sharp. Time to call out the military.

Firing a camera is very similar to firing a rifle. We’re just trying to make a sharp image, fortunately no lives are a stake. Unless you count all the poor souls who get lured into one of our slide shows.

A gun and a camera held properly are connected to a living, breathing, pulsing creature-us. All these bodily functions help to contribute to vibration which equals a miss for a marksman, and a blur for the photographer.

It helps to first get yourself as calm as possible. Excitement only exaggerates all our motions. Next, pay attention to your breathing. Take nice deep breaths in and out. Have you every been to the ocean at slack tide? This is the time between low tide and high tide, when the water isn’t coming or going, it’s calm. Back to your breath-notice after you inhale there’s a pause before you need to exhale? That is the point where your body is the most calm. Fire away!


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