Photo Tip Tuesday – What’s the lens hood thingy used for anyway?

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I’ve been asked many times, “What’s this thing (lens hood) for?” or “Do I have to use this?” Well in short, the lens hood is our friend, and here’s why.

1. The lens hood helps prevent stray side light from entering the lens and causing lens flares.

2. It creates a “safety net” around the lens which acts as a protector against oily fingers, jumping toddlers, and flying fish.

3. Let’s admit it, we want to “look” professional when we photograph. Most lenses just look way cooler with the lens hood attached.



If you choose to not use the hood, no problem, but just take it off and put it away. I’ve seen many people shooting with the hood in it’s “storage/packed” position. The hood in this position is not helping in any way. In fact, it’s completely covering and blocking the focus ring on the lens and other functions like the auto/manual focus switch, etc. Make the lens hood your friend, you’ll be glad you did.

Missing a lens hood or need a replacement? The lens hood is sized to fit the outer edge of your lens, so a 55mm wide lens will use a 55mm hood for example. Here’s a link to find your lens hood.

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