Watch Your Back ~ Photo Illustration


The creative process can be a blast. Especially when it seems to come out of nowhere. Rarely however, do creative adventures truly come from nowhere. Instead there is a trail of events that take place bringing everything together, and it usually includes a necessity or two. Let’s look at the elements that came into play in order to make this image possible:

  • My son/model loves to role play
  • My good friend recommended reading the Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins
  • My son also read and enjoyed the Hunger Games
  • I felt the need to do something a bit more creative
  • Same good friend is also running the fun, yet challenging m3b P52 group on Flickr
  • I needed to come up with a P52 image for the week. 🙂
  • I decided to take the idea of a “story-telling” photograph to a higher level.

And there you have it, the inspired, evolved process it took to get to this image. The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins is action-packed and violent at times, but also contains brilliant character development and story telling. At times, in the story, one must hunt or be hunted in order to survive.

While I didn’t try to exactly match particular characters or a scene from the book, this illustration feels as if it could easily live within the pages of Suzanne’s book. If you haven’t read it, consider taking a fun adventure outside reality.

The creation of this image started with a rough compositional sketch, that turned into multiple shots. The dramatic lighting was created by manually underexposing the camera during late daylight and I then used Nikon SB900 Speedlights to create the main light. Lights were opposed to each other and I covered them with colored gels to add contrast, depth, and drama. The images were assembled into this single final image in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and a couple other little things *wink* were done in PS to finish off the final look.

Take a look at a larger version of this photo.


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