Video Photo Tip ~ Sharp Shooting Part 3 of 5

OK, if you’ve been following since Part 1, you know I said these techniques are simple. Now you’ll probably thinking this one is ridiculously simple. I assure you this technique alone, if overlooked can lead to many frustrating unsharp photos. PPP (see Part 1 for definition) of this step will quickly lead to consistently sharper images.

The technique is simple; gently rest your index finger tip across the shutter release button. When you’re ready to shoot, roll your finger gently across the release until it fires. Watch your finger, to know if you’re doing this right. You should NOT be able to see your finger move while the shutter fires. Practice, practice, practice. How light can you press and still take a photo?

We recently were out being tourists and asked a stranger to take a photo of us. We all (some reluctantly) fell into position and applied our tourist smiles. This nice stranger lady took my wife’s point and shoot delicately in her hands and then with her index fingers and thumbs, proceeded to strangle the living day lights out of the poor little camera. She throttled down so hard on the shuttle release, I could actually see the camera tremble in fear.

Try this – think of the shutter release as a cleverly engineered nuclear detonator with a hidden disarm switch. If you press the button ever so gently you will actually render the device harmless. If you press too hard it’s KABLAMO. The nice lady helping us with our photo clearly detonated earth and half of our solar system. Luckily for all of us, it was only an unsharp cheesy vacation photo.


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