I had all but written off shooting the San Diego skyline after two days of thick gray fog. Was San Diego to be the San Francisco of the south? Not so. After a third day of exhausting zoo and park hiking a strange warm glow filled the air around dinner time. It was the sun and it looked great. Not having planned to shoot and not sure where to go, I raced across town to a place I thought might offer a view. With my trusty GPS, “Lola”, I zigzagged around the various streets of Point Loma, until WHAM there was the view across the bay. I had run out of warm glowing light, so I did the next best thing, shoot the blue hour light (top image). I had found the spot, so as you might be guessing, I returned the following evening to get the warm setting sunlight (lower image). As an added bonus, I was able to capture a Dole container ship heading out to sea.