Five Steps to Sharper Images

In this series, I will help illustrate several techniques and practices that will help make your images sharper in the camera. The road of many miles is traveled one step at a time. The same is true with creating sharp images. Tack sharp images are the produce of many deliberate, thoughtful habits coming together at the moment an image is captured.

OK, let’s dig in.

Sharp Shooting Video 1 ~ Bad Vibe

Reducing vibration is the key to sharper images, starting with the platform that supports your camera. Whether you use a tripod, fence post, car window ledge or anything else, a good foundation is critical.
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Sharp Shooting Video 2 ~ Hold On

Your body and how you use it can be the foundation to incredibly sharp photos. From your feet up through your eyebrow, you can make your images sharper by mastering these techniques.
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Sharp Shooting Video 3 ~ Fire Away

With everything focused on making the foundation stable for vibration-free images, how we actually fire the shutter is important. The shutter release requires very little pressure to fire and practicing these techniques will result in almost no added vibration.
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Sharp Shooting Video 4 ~ Steady Breath

Everything you do can effect your images in one way or another, including your breathing. With the camera held properly and your body in a great stable position, you’ll quickly realize you are never truly still. Besides your pulse, you are required to keep breathing. This technique will eliminate that from ruining your shots.
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Sharp Shooting Video 5 ~ Machine Gun

If you go through all these steps and are still seeing unsharp images, try this last ditch technique. While you may have to do a bit more weeding after the shoot, you should have some sharp ‘keepers’ to claim.
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The biggest thing to keep in mind is that you are responsible for camera motion. Now, it might not be you directly (perhaps a vehicle or wind, etc.) but you still need to solve the problem. If you’re seeing unsharp images, motion is being created somewhere. Be the investigator that discovers where the motion is originating and arrest it in order to capture the sharp images you desire.

Let me know if these techniques help. Please leave a comment below.