Photoshop Tip ~ Soft Focus Without a Filter

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A viewer asks, “what’s the best way to create a soft focused image?” Unlike the film days, we don’t want to create this effect in camera with a filter. Yes, I know these filter exist and they can work, but I have a couple good reasons why you should avoid them. Besides distorting light quality entering the camera, special effect filters create a single look for your image that is difficult to change later. Instead, I recommend making a well-exposured, sharp image that can be used time and time again in a variety of ways. 

Once you have captured a clean, sharp image, consider using the technique I explain in this video to make the image appear softly focused. If you (or the client) decide later that the soft focus look isn’t desired, you won’t be stuck with images that look like they are from the 70’s or 80’s. 😉

Soft Focus Without A Filter in Photoshop

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