Demystifying the Histogram 31 Days to
Understanding Photoshop
10 Photo Tricks
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There is so much more to photography than just clicking the shutter. To experience photography as an artistic expression, a creative outlet, is truly invigorating. Unfortunately for many people there is this little thing called a camera that stands between them and the ideas they are capable of creating. It is my dream to break down this barrier that prevents images from seeing the light of day and help everyone; see, experience, and capture light as it reflects off whatever is most important to them.

eBooks are a great way to learn at your own pace. Purchase an eBook and it is yours to keep and use whenever you’d like. With many of my eBooks, I include video links for enhanced learning experience (see each eBooks information page for details).

I hope these eBooks help bring you closer to your photographic goals. Thank you and enjoy!