Photography ~ Connecting With Fall

If you think about it, it’s strange which photographic subjects attract us. I love shooting isolated unique landscapes as much as I love shooting many of the iconic legends that have been shot to death. What draws us to shoot something that we and everyone else have seen a million times?

Is it possible that nature’s beauty is so powerful, it’s hard to get our fill? I believe it is. Take leaves for instance. I could go outside and access ten of thousands of everyday leaves right now, but they’re not New England leaves in the fall. So what makes the New England fall leaves so desirable? Their color? The abundance and pure volume? I’ve seen them, and you’ve seen them in thousands of different photos, videos, and illustrations throughout your life. Why are they still special?I think going to the leaves and being in their environment is a big part of what makes the photographic process so special. A crisp fall day surrounded by brilliant chromatic hues flickering in the breeze changes your soul. Fall to me is a special transition and a time of reflection. The fragrant rich air is clearer, cleaner, and allows one’s mind to be sharp and aloof all at the same time. It’s here in this transitional state where pure beauty lives and breathes. Perhaps we’re not just viewing leaves, perhaps we’re viewing that particular photographer’s personal experience with nature.Yes, I’ve seen the leaves and I’ve photographed the leaves, but they still call. They are the same leaves that everyone sees, and I will photograph them yet again. I will shoot them not to record leaves, but to record beauty, time, space, feelings, and a deeper connection with nature. I will shoot them soon, very soon. The call is strong!

My favorite quote of all time comes from William Faulkner ~ “An artist is a creature chased by demons. He knows not why they chase him and he’s usually too busy to wonder why.” On that note, I’ve got to go, the leaves are calling! 🙂