Video Photo Tip ~ How Many Photos Has My Camera Taken?

Have you ever wondered how many photos your camera has taken? Or have you ever sold or bought a camera and asked how many photos have been taken with that camera? Some cameras do have that info in the menu screens, but many don’t. Here’s how you can tell.

This website allows you to load one of your images. Click here to get started. Be patient, it can take a long time for the metadata from the file to pop up. It’s well worth the wait, as you’ll see data you never dreamed of. Once it appears, scroll down and look for “Shutter Count”. If you’re shooting with a Canon, look for the “File Index” number. There you have it. That is the number of photos captured by that camera when that image was shot.

There are also some free software downloads that do similar tasks. Check them out here and here.

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