Less Can Be More ~ Photo Composition

When’s the last time you listened to someone go on and on about a topic until either they were blue in the face, or you started zoning out? Unfortunately it can happen from time to time and it helps illustrate the point…just get to the point.

When we are composing images, we can do the same thing. As photographers we need to think about the end results and ask, “what do we want to tell the viewer?” Once we understand that, we become storytellers and it’s clear that we are in charge of the show. Many times we can simply reduce the amount of information and tell a more concise and efficient story.

Here’s an interesting panoramic image, above. But if I want the viewer to see wind power-generators, why don’t I remove some of the extra information and get to the point? Like this…

Here’s another example that is pretty typical. I started out looking for a shot of this carousel. My initial images were not refined or very story like. Instead there are filled with clutter and elements that take away from the story.

After some time evolving, looking, and seeing I created the image below. Now, which of these two looks more like a refined story?

Understanding the rules, elements, and fundamentals of photography composition is important, but you also have to include your personal ability to cull and efficiently tell the story in the overall photo composition equation.

So what story are your photos telling?

Are you ready to unleash your inner photographer/storyteller?

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