P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday ~ Week 08

P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday Grow Skills 

P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday Info VideoIt’s already the eighth week of the year. How does the time fly so fast? I know you’ve made at least one photo recently that you’re proud of! Go ahead and share it here and join in on the fun!

P52 is all about you getting out there, practicing, growing, sharing, and networking with other photographers on a weekly basis.

Don’t forget to leave comments for other photographers as well. Oh, and grab a button for your site while you’re at it. 


P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday link up page posts Tuesday morning (early) just after 12a.m. EST and is available until midnight the following Sunday. You have all week to post up.

Please be sure to link to your permalink only. P52 Questions? Click here for P52 SST details. Want a button for your site? Stuck for something to shoot? Here are some photo ideas.