Landscape Photography Lightroom Presets and Tools by Kent Weakley

Landscape Photography Lightroom Presets and Tools by Kent Weakley
Over eighty, That’s EIGHTY Presets and Tools designed to make your landscape photos come to life!

These custom Landscape Photography Lightroom Presets are designed to help make your Lightroom image processing quick, simple, and fun. Save hours of time by instantly and effortlessly viewing options for your final image. Instead of fiddling with settings individually, jump to complete looks quickly by selecting from the numerous pre-designed and carefully developed Lightroom Presets crafted specifically for landscape scenic images.

This collection of over 80 Lightroom Presets and Tools, which are compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC, include 45 complete and ready to use base presets. In addition to the foundation presets, you will also receive; 12 Quick Exposure Presets,  5 Instant Sharpness Presets, 7 Custom Vignette Presets. In Addition and as an ADDED BONUS, you will also receive ELEVEN specially designed Landscape Gradient Tools to help fine tune your images.

Use the Landscape Photography Lightroom Presets to quickly achieve the look and feel you’re going for, or as a starting point to continue tweaking your image as needed. Landscape Photography Lightroom Presets and Tools by Kent Weakley will save you time and make photo processing fun and enjoyable!

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Complete Landscape Photography Lightroom Preset and Tools Collection Includes:

  • 45 Custom Base Landscape Presets
  • 12 Quick Exposure Adjustment Presets
  • 5 Instant Sharpness Presets
  • 7 Custom Vignette Presets
  • *BONUS – PLUS Eleven (11) Graduated Filter Tool Presets

The 45 Base Landscape Presets Include:

  • Antique Copper
  • Antique Sepia
  • Antique Stone
  • Bahama Blues
  • Blue Ballet
  • Blue Pop
  • Bright Shadows 1
  • Bright Shadows 2
  • Bright Shadows 3
  • Bright Shadows 4
  • Brooklyn Sky
  • Chroma Crisp
  • Chroma Landscape
  • Chroma Plains
  • Chrome Rim
  • Cool Monochrome
  • Cool Waters
  • Desert Glow
  • Dreamscape
  • East Glow
  • Family Vacation
  • Forest Mist
  • Golden Monochrome
  • Golden Sunrise
  • Harbor Glow
  • Hollywood Haze
  • Maine Mist
  • Miami Morning
  • Monumental Sky
  • Niagara Teal
  • Pebble Beach
  • Seaside Mist
  • Shaded Lane
  • Skyline Pop
  • Stoic Beauty
  • Stone Arch
  • Summer Day
  • Twilight Punch
  • Urban Crisp
  • Urban Glow
  • Urban Mono
  • Urban Stark
  • Vegas Chroma
  • Vintage Chrome
  • Wooded Cabin
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