OK, who knew there is this much fog in San Francisco in July? Well, probably everyone, but me. I’ve been a bit bummed about the lack of opportunities to shoot the bridge. While planning this trip, I had about five different locations in mind to try, most at sunset. Well, as it turns out, in July in S.F. the fog rolls in very, very, very thick when the sun goes down. How thick, you ask? Last night, my photog buddy, Max and I went to a location where we were under the bridge and about an 1/8 of a mile away. We set up about 45 minutes before sunset with both towers visible, but  foggy. By the time we were in “blue hour”, the bridge was completely gone. Only a few street lights on the side roads were visible. And I mean GONE! I’ll have to be content with the few shots we got on the one “good” day.