It’s finally here and I’ve been working on this for a long time, most of my photography life as a matter of fact. What I’m talking about is my new Finally Understanding Photography Manual Mode Guide!

Think of all the times you’ve tried to learn all the ins and outs of manual exposure mode, perhaps in a workshop or from a book. Think of all the components and possible variables. NOW THROW ALL THAT OUT!!! (well not literally.) Here’s why. While all that information might be valid and useful it doesn’t get you shooting to your highest potential TODAY!


The all new Finally Understanding Photography Manual Mode Guide will have you up and shooting in MANUAL MODE today.

How will you be up and shooting manual mode today you might be asking?

Instead of trying to teach theories, equations, and formulas which are how the camera works, this guide is based on how YOU work. The Finally Understanding Photography Manual Mode Guide essentially poses key creative questions you, as the photographer need to answer about the image you want to create. It’s that simple. Follow the flowchart and answer the short simple questions, adjust settings accordingly, and created the photos you’re envisioning!

It’s this simple…

  1. Follow the flowchart
  2. Answer short simple questions
  3. Adjust settings accordingly
  4. Create the photos you’re envisioning

Have you struggled to understand Manual, Aperture Priority, or Shutter Priority modes? Don’t worry, we all have at one time or another. Now you can be shooting the creative images you imagine consistently and repeatable. No more occasional “happy accident” photos in a string of images that didn’t turn out.

Please leave me a comment below and let me know what part of manual exposure has been an issue for you.

If you’d like to learn more about this Guide, please click here. If you’d like to order your copy now and receive it instantly CLICK HERE!