Finally Understanding Photography Manual Mode Guide

Are You Frustrated Learning Manual Exposure Mode?

Manual Exposure has taken on a love-hate relationship with most photographers. If you understand it and are able to capitalize on its power, manual exposure opens countless doors for creativity. If you don’t understand it, it can be frustrating knowing a better image is most likely passing you by.

There are many myths about photography and manual exposure
• You’re not a professional if you don’t shoot in manual all the time
• Manual exposure is complicated and confusing
• You need to be professionally trained to understand manual exposure

I’m here to tell you these are ALL FALSE!

I have something I need to confess…

When I was getting started (a long time ago) in photography I had an important assignment to shoot for a client. At the time I had no clue about manual exposure. I was shooting 100% in program mode. So I called a friend who was a photographer and I explained the circumstances of the shoot I was doing and then I asked that infamous question, “what setting do I use?” He tried explaining a number of different possibilities and theories all with no comprehension on my part. What he needed to say was “YOU’RE NOT ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTION”

When the right questions are asked, simple and easy adjustments to the Manual Exposure settings can be made.

Another thing that I need to explain, which might seem counterintuitive, is the fact that you don’t need to use full manual exposure settings all the time. Why? It all goes to the 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of your images will look fine shot in Program Mode. After all that’s how I survived that client photo shoot so long ago. However, the 20% of images that need to be shot in manual exposure mode can only be created that way. And ALMOST ALL of the interesting creative images produced by professional photographers are shot in full Manual or Semi-Manual Modes (Aperture or Shutter Speed Priority)

So if you’re happy making images in Program Mode and you’re not interested in learning how to harness the power of your camera and make it a creative tool of your expression, stop reading now.

OK, I’m glad you’re still here and want to make the powerful creative images that fill the top 20% of the 80/20 example above.

Have you every experienced any of these issues using Manual Exposure Mode?

  • Confused about what you’re doing?

  • Not sure what settings to use?

  • Have you asked “what setting should I use?”

  • Overwhelmed by variables?

  • Only an occasional “good” image?

  • Not sure why you’re using manual mode?

  • Want to just use Program Mode and forgot about it?

  • Confused by all the camera lingo?

Stop wasting time and occasionally getting the “lucky” shot. Make predictably great images consistently!

Hello, I’m Kent.

I know how frustrating it can be to struggle with manual exposure mode on the camera.

I too have had many times when I wasn’t sure what settings needed to be used. However, that all stopped after I discovered the simple, methodical steps I will show you in this Finally Understanding Manual Mode Guide. Actually understanding and utilizing manual exposure mode creates a strong sense of confidence in your creative ability.

In the many years I’ve been shooting and now teaching photography I’ve learned some valuable lessons. These lessons I will be sharing will help you Finally Understand Manual Mode. Guaranteed!

I’m not talking about learning theories or doing math equations. The process I will share with you is simple, logical and will become intuitive in a short period of time!

Very few people create images that consistantly amaze their viewers. Why? Because the basic principles and techniques of creating these images are largely unknown. They aren’t taught in school and researching them is time-consuming and expensive.

Worse, most photographers that understand manual exposure mode DO NOT know how to share the process because they are NOT ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS.

And now…finally…I’m thrilled to be able to share this valuable Finally Understanding Photography Manual Mode Guide with you! WHY? Because I can’t wait to see what YOU CREATE!!!

Finally Understanding Photography Manual Mode Guide will provide the following benefits:

  • Systematic approach to using manual mode

  • Easily determine if manual mode is needed

  • Manual mode core elements clearly understood

  • Ability to shoot when program mode fails

  • Clarity when manual mode is appropriate

  • Repeatable effective results

  • No more guessing settings

  • Being able to create what your mind imagines

  • Expand your photography skills endlessly

Here’s the little secret…

Only one of TWO creative decisions needs to be made when selecting manual exposure mode.

Manual Exposure mode can be made complicated and usually is communicated in a needlessly long-winded fashion with the camera at the center of attention. When we think of manual exposure through the camera mechanics we step away from being a creator and change into an operator. Instead, THIS GUIDE focuses on YOU the photographer and what you want to create from the image at hand. With this approach you retain the role of the creative photographer and gain the ability to quickly make systematic, methodical, repeatable images using the Finally Understand Photography Manual Mode Guide flowchart!

This is not about memorizing or doing math equations!
You can STOP searching for answers.

I will teach you how to ask the Right Questions!

I looked back to that conversation I had with my photographer friend. Now, I wish he would have asked me the most important questions? Really the easiest questions answered would have provided the most effective results.

Here’s how confusing this can be:

If you look through your lens, in program mode, and press halfway down on the shutter release you may see the camera display an exposure setting like ISO 200, f/8, 1/500. Do you realize that a different setting such as ISO 800, f/8, 1/2000 or ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/4000 are all exactly the same as far as being balanced for the existing light? The light balance will appear the same, but each image will potentially have dramatically different visual characteristics.

So through the years, I discovered more and more information and finally put together the elements needed to understand the camera manual exposure mode. But it still wasn’t for some time that I realized I was asking myself a series of systematically predictable questions before I determined what settings to use.


There is a pattern of repeatable questions I ask. Eureka! Now, I’m sharing this system with you!!!

Forget long sleepy lectures about the exposure triangle and theories of light ratios and all that mathematical mumbo jumbo. The secret to learning and understanding manual exposure mode settings lies in better questions. It’s all in the QUESTIONS!

There’s Nothing More Satisfying…

…than when the mechanics of the camera fall away and the photographer is allowed to simply create!


…attending an event and being inspired to create an image that captures the power and intensity of the moment.

…sitting on the back porch watching a storm and realizing YOU can capture the scene.

…capturing the feeling of that special moment that helps it last forever.

Through my workshops, blog, and online videos, I have taught thousands of people photography techniques and Manual Exposure is by far the most complicated concept to grasp. But here’s the little secret that makes this Guide so powerful. You only need to concentrate on TWO THINGS when deciding your Manual Exposure settings. I will explain exactly what you can and can’t do in Manual Exposure Mode. This Finally Understanding Photography Manual Mode Guide peels back all the clutter and gets to the basic elements of manual exposure mode. It really is that simple.

Who is Finally Understanding Photography Manual Mode Guide designed for?

  • The photographer that wants to solidify foundational skills

  • The person who has struggled with manual mode

  • Anyone interested in making creative images consistently

  • The photographer who uses manual mode cautiously

  • Anyone intimidated by manual exposure mode

  • Someone looking for a guaranteed rapid solution

  • The creative student who almost understands manual but not quite

  • Creative persons seeking an edge

In this Guide, I’m going to share with you the key questions to ask yourself before you set any manual exposure. These questions are all you need to use in order to understand everything there is within the camera’s manual exposure range.

These are the questions that EVERY successful photographer asks themselves before they shoot.

Now you will be able to ask yourself these key questions and shoot like a pro!

I will teach you a systematic series of questions to ask yourself about the image you want to create and how to set your camera. That’s it. And I’ve put this all together in a super simple PDF flowchart that you can keep on your computer, smartphone, or make a printout to carry along with you. Once you’ve used the flowchart for awhile it will become second nature and you’ll be using Manual Exposure Mode settings like a pro.

When you purchase the Finally Understanding Manual Exposure Guide you will also have access to an exclusive instructional video where I show you exactly how to use the flowchart and what type of results you can expect in each situation. It’s really that simple.

  1. Follow the flowchart
  2. Answer short simple questions
  3. Adjust settings accordingly
  4. Create the photos you’re envisioning

But the best part is that the more you use this flowchart the more you will begin to understand exactly what’s going on in the camera. And you will most likely start having other creative ideas about MAKING your images. And if you follow me at all you know I’m a believer in “making photos”, not “taking photos”.

I’m going to teach you all the ins and outs of manual exposure by using your own hands-on experience. When you start making the great images that only live on that top 20% shelf you’ll start to then understand the exposure triangle intuitively. But instead of being bored with theories, dig in and make images while you learn. That’s what this Guide is all about.


This Guide Includes:

  • Easy to understand step-by-step exposure setting process

  • How Manual Mode unlocks all creative photography potential

  • Why asking “what setting?” doesn’t work

  • The TWO key creative things Manual Mode can do

  • When you don’t need to use Manual Mode

  • Proper questions to be asking yourself as you set the exposure

  • No lectures, math equations, or overthinking

  • A systematic, repeatable and simple way to set a manual exposure

  • Immediate, actionable steps to start shooting in Manual Mode NOW

  • Colorful Illustrated printable PDF flowchart Guide for computer, smartphone, or tablet

  • Detailed instructional supporting text

  • Access to three exclusive online instructional videos

  • Going from confused to creating the images envisioned

  • Guaranteed results!

Wherever you go, have this valuable information with you. You will receive a resizable PDF to download, display and print from your computer, load it on your tablet, or smartphone. Access the informative follow-along video series from anywhere online via your exclusive access code.

Finally Understanding Photography Manual Exposure Mode Guide on computer iphone or print

I believe this Guide is so simple and powerful that I will give you your money back if you’re not satisfied. Period.

This is the part where I explain that this information is so incredibly valuable. I started really thinking about this, and you know, it IS extremely valuable! For years I stumbled to learn manual exposure from books, seminars, and other photographers, finally piecing it together until it clicked. How much did that cost me? I’m not sure. I can say for certain though, that through the purchase of the different materials, workshop fees and travel expenses it was easily many thousands of dollars spent.

Would I have paid $1000 to learn manual exposure in the Quick, Easy and Systematic way this GUIDE does?

What if I knew it would allow me to make images like these below?

Of course, I would!

I know I paid that and much more, in various forms. Not to mention the cost of my time, or worse, THE COST OF MY TIME WASTED NOT KNOWING manual exposure mode thoroughly! What do workshops cost that spend countless hours droning on and on about the exposure triangle and other ideas that just don’t stick? You can easily pay $500 or more for these workshops.

I want everyone to experience the power of creating great images.

This Guide is easily worth $100 or more. I want everyone to learn, create and share their images, so I’m pricing this Finally Understanding Photography Manual Mode Exposure Guide for only $29.99…with a Special Introductory Price of only $19.99

Finally Understanding Manual Mode Guide Intro Price

Your Guide Package is available for you to instantly download after you click the Download It Now button below. It’s so simple you only need to pick up your camera, follow the steps and you’re up and shooting in manual exposure mode. It’s truly that simple.

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