Photo Tip Tuesday – Get Down Low – Change your perspective and improve your photography.

Have you ever wondered why so many photos look ordinary? It all starts with how we see. When I say we, how we as people usually see things. Think about it, we either see things from where we’re standing or sitting. Standing eye level viewpoint alone makes up 80% of our waking hours. And add to that, when most people take photos, they do it from usually a standing position. If we shoot an image the same way we see it while standing next to it, there’s a good chance that’s how everyone sees it.

So in order to make your photos different you must show something in a different way. I’m not talking about reinventing the wheel, I’m simply saying get a different perspective. One way to do this is to get down low – hands and knees low.


While this scene played out, I got a few images that were ‘ whatever’ normal/eye-level quality. As I watched the pelicans wait for fish guts to be thrown their way, I noticed how they all lined up with each other. At first I got down on a knee, then
I was down on two elbows. The difference was worth it, the lower angle gave me a pelicans eye view and also showed the depth of field with the background birds. I was very cautious to watch myself on the dock however, pelican droppings are somewhat sizable and are reminiscent of things I usually dodge in farm pastures.

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