Convert Your DSLR to Infrared

Ever thought of shooting infrared images with your DSLR? Well it’s very possible and easily achieved. First of all it’s important to know that some DLSR cameras will “see” infrared light right out of the box. Most, however do not, but there’s a way to change that.

If you’re considering having your camera converted to see infrared light, you must know that this is relatively permanent. In other words, once it’s been converted, your camera will only capture IR light at that point. This is a great use for an older camera that doesn’t get much action.

When you’re ready to convert your camera, simply box it up, and send it to the fine people at Lifepixel. I’ve had two DSLR cameras converted using them, and both came back perfect and ready to roll.

Infrared photography is an exciting adventure and requires a pretty big initial step. I can tell you firsthand, the pleasure of creating infrared images is well worth having your camera converted.

Let me know if you’re considering this modification, or if you already shoot infrared. Leave me a comment below. Thanks!