How To Clean Your DSLR Camera (Part One)

If there is a downside to DSLR camera vs. older film cameras (yeah right, like we’re going to go back to film now. OK, I’m sorry if you’re still using film. Please forgive me.) it has to be DSLR cameras vulnerability to dirt and dust. Essentially a DSLR is a mini-computer image processing lab and it needs to stay clean, dry, and dust-free.

In this video, part one of a three video series, I will cover how to clean the exterior of your camera, including the lenses. A couple products I use in this video, are available by clicking the links below:

Lens Clens 1

Bulb air blower

Micro Fiber Cloth

 How to clean your dslr camera - part one

 iPhone/iPad users view here – non-flash