Photo Tip Tuesday – How do I remember which AA batteries are charged or not?

We’ve all been there – “are my batteries charged?” I tried a number of methods for remembering if I need to recharge my AA batteries. Good batteries go in the right pocket, bad in left. Needless to say, usually in the middle of a shoot I’d dump my pockets out and be left staring at a pile of batteries, some good others not.

The rubber bands have solved this problem for me. It’s very simple, if all the positive and negative end of the AA batteries match and are together, those batteries have been recently charged. When worn out batteries come out of a flash unit or camera, I stagger the ends and re-bundle them with the rubber band. After the shoot, I grab all the staggered sets and march them over to the charger for some juice.

One other note — be sure to keep the metal contacts of the batteries away from any other metal objects, as they might discharge and leave you without much needed power.

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