Landscape Photography Adventure – Big Sur

Workshop Base ~ Carmel/Monterey, California
December 14-17, 2017

Big Sur along the central California coast is a dynamic visual area to experience and create photographs. We will be taking in a wide array of situations and opportunities as we scour the Pacific Coast highway each day. From stunning seascapes to delicate macros, this trip will have it all. Also, we will be visiting a wintering Elephant Seal colony, and if the weather cooperates, we will be capturing light through the famous rock off Pfeiffer Beach.

Big Sur Landscape Photography Adventure Workshop

Workshop Leader

This workshop will be led by Kent Weakley. Kent is an award-winning, lifelong photographer who shoots commercial and landscape photography. He also specializes in infrared black and white digital photography. Among many honors, Kent has won the Fuji International Photo Competition and has also earned a National Gold Addy Award for photography in advertising. Kent’s biggest joy is traveling and sharing photography knowledge. His enthusiasm is hard to miss and often contagious.


Day 1

The Big Sur Photography Adventure will begin in the afternoon when we meet up in Carmel, and all get acquainted. We will head out for an evening shoot south of town, and the images will begin to flow.

Day 2

We’ll be starting early taking in some Pacific air at a park south of Carmel. From there we will let the morning unfold depending on the weather and desired photo opportunities. Lunch time will be back in Carmel and we will all have a short break for food and a quick rest before we head back out in mid afternoon for continued shooting until dark.

Day 3

After rising early and taking in the slowly waking Pacific Ocean, we will find ourselves among creatures that were once believed to be extinct – Elephant Seals. This wintering colony offers great wildlife photo opportunities. From birthing female to juvenile males wrestling for hierarchy, this is one memorable experience. Lunch will be included as we stop at a local restaurant. We will keep our eyes open as we head back north into Big Sur and visit MacWay falls. This picturesque seascape scene is in a world all its own. After the falls we will get set up for sunset at Pfeiffer Beach. Similar to the visiting Elephant Seals, this too is a fleeting opportunity. For only a couple weeks around the winter solstice, the setting sun shines through a doorway like hole in the large rock formation off the beach.

Day 4

This morning we will travel down the coast and capture a few more amazing images before we head back around noon and wrap up our fabulous time together in this amazing location. Depending on everyone’s travel departure times, we may stay out a bit longer than noon.

*Please note that this itinerary will most definitely change. The times we specifically visit certain areas will depend on timing, weather, and road conditions. I will be putting all efforts into getting the most iconic photo opportunities when we can and this will most likely create changes in the itinerary listed above. Also, we will be working with what is available. This slice of the world is subject to amazing extremes and occasional road closures. That being said, there is literally mile upon mile of stunning scenes for us to create amazing images. While I can’t guarantee we will have access to every location intended, we will have incredible scenes continuously at our disposal.

As if the vistas weren’t enough, We will be sharing photography knowledge with you both in group settings and on an individual basis throughout this workshop. Unlike any other workshop offered, we will be in contact with you beforehand to learn your specific;

•  photography skill level,
•  general photography goals,
•  and expectations of this workshop.

Throughout our adventure, we will be working with you to meet your personal photography goals.

Big Sur Photography Adventure with Kent WeakleyAs a group, here are some examples of topics we may be covering during our time together:

• Photography Composition
• Digital Photo Workflow
• Maximizing Travel Photo Opportunities
• Macro Photography
• Workflow Best Practices
• Building Panoramic Photographs
• Editing Images in Lightroom and Photoshop

What is Required

• digital SLR camera or interchangeable lens mirrorless camera
• tripod
• Enthusiasm and a strong desire to explore, learn, and create amazing images

What is not included:

  • Transportation to and from base location
  • Food during the workshop (except lunch day 2 and 3)
  • Lodging at workshop

What is included:

  • Photography Workshop Hands-On Wilderness Photo Opportunities
  • Group Photography Lectures and Hands-On Learning
  • One-on-one photography training in the field
  • Post-Processing lessons (with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop) using photos you have created during the workshop
  • Lunch on days two and three (Friday and Saturday)
  • Transportation during the workshop, this will be in one vehicle. Sit back and enjoy the ride.
  • Park permits and entrance fees


  • There will be very little hiking as most locations we will be shooting are within a short walk of parking areas
  • Temperatures can vary dramatically, from cold morning to warm afternoons. Layering clothing is the best approach
  • Use moisture-wicking undergarments as your base layer. Try not to wear cotton against your skin.


  • $300 is due at time of registration. Full amount may be paid at registration as well.
  • Deposit becomes non-refundable 90 days prior to workshop start
  • Full payment, if not made when registering, is due 60 days before workshop start date
  • Deposit is refundable 90 days or more before workshop start date
  • 60-30 days prior to workshop start date one-half of workshop fee may be refunded

Travel and Lodging

I have found flying Southwest to San Jose and using a rental car to drive to the Monterey/Carmel area easy and enjoyable. I would recommend coming in a day early to adjust to the area and to prevent missing any workshop time in the event of any unforeseen travel delays. Also, the Monterey Aquarium is world class and worth spending an afternoon visiting. This is not scheduled during our workshop unless there is extreme weather, which is not likely.

Lodging options are available throughout the Monterey and Carmel area. I am recommending Monterey Bay Lodge, however, you are welcome to stay where you like. We will meet up each morning and I can pick you up at your hotel prior to each day’s adventure.

Landscape Photography Adventure – Big Sur
Workshop Base ~ Carmel/Monterey, California
December 14-17, 2017

The date for this workshop is designed to give us the best opportunity to view sunset through the rock at Pfeiffer Beach* (seen above). Last year, when doing additional scouting for this trip, I discovered the date gave us an early artificial deadline to prepare for the holidays. Upon returning home, the holidays were more relaxed and enjoyable than ever. Perhaps it was the beautiful scenic trip or not stressing at the last minute or both.

$1395 – Workshop Fee (Limited to up to 8 participants)

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