Photo Tip Tuesday ~ Be the light (or not) in your photographs


This is an easy one to overlook. Are YOU adding or subtracting light from your photos? It’s something to think about, and it works both ways.

If you’re in a tight spot and need to add just a small amount of fill light to your subject, move a little closer. Light reflecting off your white shirt will add to the image. Look close and you’ll see it. If you have an off camera flash, consider shooting it at your shirt for an added bounce fill light. Be careful if you’re wearing a light colored shirt, as this will of course add that color to your image. It maybe a good thing.

The opposite is true here. If you don’t want to add any additional light to your subject wear a dark or black shirt. This is particularly important in intimate low lit scenes. But it’s even more important when shooting reflective subjects. If the surroundings of a reflective shot are dark, you will blend right in and not be seen as easily with a black shirt.

One time I needed to photograph tropical fish for a client. The reflection in the aquarium glass was such an issue, the only thing I could do was drape a huge sheet of black material over myself, tripod, and everything. I cut a small hole for the camera lens and it worked. In short – think about what you’re wearing and how it may or may not effect the light in your photos.

Have you ever noticed yourself reflected in a photo, or have you come up with a trick to avoid being in a photo? Leave a comment and let us know.

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