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  • Sandhill Crane Migration Sun Rising On Roosting Flocks

Sandhill Crane Migration Photography Exploration

Every winter, when the honks come sounding from way above, I know our visiting sandhill cranes are in town. Here in Florida, we have many [...]

  • How To Make Panning Shot Photo

How to Make a Panning Shot – How To Make This Photo: 009 by Kent Weakley

The term "pan" or "panning shot" comes from the movie world. A shot where the camera rotates from left to right or vice versa is [...]

How To Make A Large Group Photo Panoramic – How To Make This Photo 008

I will share with you how I created a very large group photo using a panoramic handheld technique during a visit to Washington DC with [...]

Hello, I’m Kent Weakley and I love to make photographs. Especially images that our eye and brain seldom have the luxury of time or capability to stop and savor. In addition to making photos, I love to share and help others learn how to make great photos as well. This means You! When I first started I wanted to know how to make great photographs with the camera, the photos I envisioned in my mind. Before long I learned the Photography Essentials; camera, exposure settings, focus, metering and various other concepts and I was off making creative images. I use the term “make” instead of “take” a lot because I believe the photography process is a creative process that involves consciously determining what the final photo could look like and then make strategic steps towards that goal, the essence of creating. Problem-solving, truly seeing, answering exposure questions, and experimenting all play a large role in making great photos. I’m here to share with you countless how to’s, tips, techniques, ideas and hands-on experiences to help you get to this level of photography. Simply pointing and clicking is “taking” a photo. The real joy of photography is not in the gear or gadgets, it is in creating a photo that inspires – a photo that was “made”, not snapped. Join me on this journey by following this Blog, my Video Tutorials, eBooks, Lightroom Products, and my ultimate Photography Adventures. I will share with you all the Photography Essentials and together we will be creating images that far transcend the idea of “taking” a photo!

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