Photography How To ~ 5 Opposite Steps to Create Better, More Inspiring Photographs

Average is middle of the road, basically what everyone is doing. So it stands to reason if we do the opposite of the norm, we should see different and unusual results. After all, it’s almost always the unusual photograph that captures our attention and imagination.



1) TIME OF DAY The average person is sleeping at 4a.m. Try setting your alarm extra early and get to a pre-planned scene a full hour before sunrise. Bring a tripod and a cable release. You may be rewarded with stunning colors and an amazing start to the day. At the other end, when most people are having dinner and spending time with family (6-8p.m.), patiently wait for the setting sun to offer up some gorgeous light for landscapes, but also portraits and other subjects.




2) POINT OF VIEW For the majority of our entire life our point of view is somewhere from about 4 feet, sitting, to 5 and half feet, standing. If we then hold our camera to our eye while in one of these positions, we will record an image from the same perspective as everyone else. Change it up, get down low, like on your belly low. Bring a ladder and get high. Or better yet, hire a helicopter for an hour.




3) SHUTTER SPEED This one might not seem too strange or opposite, but our camera usually keeps us somewhere in the 1/60 to maybe 1/1000 or 1/2000 of a second range for shutter speed. What if…(I love “what if” – it’s where true creativity begins)…what if you change your shutter speed to be outside this range? Try shooting at 1/4000 if your camera will let you, or do a 20 minute exposure.



4) WIDE VS. TIGHT Most landscapes are shot with a wide lens offering a wide view. Try shooting landscapes with your longest zoom lens. While you’re at it, try shooting portraits with your widest lens.



5) BAD WEATHER You’re on vacation and today’s the day you’ve planned to go shoot the great shot you’ve always wanted and the weatherman reports foul weather. You can be like the average person and stay inside, go to a movie, visit a museum, or you can embrace the weather for what it is. Since 90% of the people will stay in and probably, at best, half of the people going out won’t bring a camera, you have a 95% chance of getting a shot NOBODY else has.

So be a little different, do the opposite of average. It may take some effort, but the results will prove worthwhile.

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