A DSLR camera is essentially a mechanical tool, and anything mechanical will occasionally need to be adjusted, reset, repaired, or fixed. Here I will share with you three common problems that you may stumble upon at one time or another. The great thing about these particular issues is they all have relatively simple answers or explanations.

1 – Blurry DSLR Camera Viewfinder

The camera was fine earlier, however the image through the viewfinder is all blurry. And the photos seem to be sharp and look fine. What’s going on?


2 – Dust in the DSLR Camera Viewfinder

I’m seeing a speck of dust in the viewfinder of my DSLR. What do I do and are all my images ruined?


3 – Lens Filter is Stuck on the Lens of My Camera

The UV filter (or any other filter) on my DSLR has become stuck on my lens. How do I get it off? Here’s a cool trick for removing a stuck camera filter from a lens.