10 Photo Tricks – Techniques & Resources Every Photographer Should Know

 10 Photo Tricks Every Photographer Should Know

This little useful eBook is a valuable information tool and resource for every photographer to keep on hand. This eBook is offered to new email list subscribers as a bonus gift for signing up. Now, you can purchase your very own copy.

10 Photo Tricks Every Photographer Should Know covers:

  • Sunny 16 Rule

  • How Many Shots Have I Taken?

  • How to Capture for HDR

  • Blurry Viewfinder?

  • Failed Memory Card Recovery

  • Shutter Speed Starting Points

  • Using Your Dominant Eye?

  • When to Turn OFF IS or VR

  • Using a Polarizing Filter

  • Lightweight Camera Manual


Guaranteed Knowledge!

If you are not happy with 10 Photo Tricks within 60 days, I will refund your money. If you’re looking to learn the fundamentals of the Histogram, I’m so positive this eBook will work, I’ll return your money if it doesn’t. It’s that simple.